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Special Projects

The Foundation has a variety of ongoing projects, like the Accessible Piers, aimed at keeping the Parks healthy and accessible to all.


The Foundation has built various community partnerships that allow for expanded programming, such as the 'Healthy Parks, Healthy You' initiative.

The Endowment

The Endowment provides permanent, non-supplanting funds for interpretation, education and volunteerism in the Parks.

Our mission

To improve the quality of life throughout Dane County by sustaining a park system which will improve residents’ physical and mental health, conserve our dwindling land against the growing population, and sustain our life support system by preserving environmentally sensitive areas.

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Our goals

To support projects and programs to help promote peoples’ use, connection, and access to nature — and the corresponding health benefits — in our Dane County Parks.

To promote education, interpretation, and volunteerism through the endowment.

Endless Possibilities

We stand with our communities

The Foundation for Dane County Parks believes each of us deserve to live in a justice-minded community with healthy natural resources and full access for all.

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There are many ways to support the work of the Foundation and help improve the appeal and value of Dane County's park system.