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2022 Annual Report

Did you know that the Foundation for Dane County Parks has raised $2,400,000 to support Dane County Parks? As of last year, the Foundation raised over $800,000 for the endowment to sustain the Parks for years to come, and awarded over $52,000 in grants to Friends and volunteer groups. You can read about the impact of these funds in our 2022 Annual Report.

Our 2022 donors

Thank you to everyone who supported the Foundation for Dane County Parks' mission in 2022.



Bill and Stephanie Ragatz

Kendra H. and Erik Ragatz

Madison Community Foundation

SSM Health / Dean Health Plan

$5,000 - $24,999

A Fund for Women component fund of Madison Community Foundation

Capital Times - Evjue Foundation

Doug and Sherry Caves

$1,000 - $4,999

Aaron Mullins


Andrew and Pamela Lewis

Anil and Madhu Jain

Anne and Tim Connor

Carol and Dean Schroeder

Dan Erdman

Dan Miller

Dane County Conservation League

Darren and Dawn Marsh

Dean and Ann Bowles

Don Ferber

Donald and Joanne Tierney

Doug Thoresen

Douglas and Sharon Marschalek

Frank Emspak

Fred and Nancy Risser

Fritz Kruger

Gail and Dan Shea

James Berbee and Karen Walsh

James Schad and Celia Kiela

Jay Huemmer

Lon and Sue Sprecher

Lorne Hillier

Madison Fishing Expo

Madison Gas & Electric Foundation

Mark Rooney and Gail Morton

Mel and Mary Pearlman

Mike and Linda Slavney

Patricia Paska

Peter Tropman and Ginny Graves

Sally Wilmeth and Terry Geurkink

Securian Financial

The Capital Group at Lincoln Financial Advisors

Tom and Kim Thoresen

William Lunney and Judie Pfeifer

Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction

Up to $999


Al Fish

Alan Weiss and Cheryl Smith

Alice and Daniel Gould

American Family Insurance

Andrew Robinson

Andrew Schirmer

Andy and Pam Lewis

Angela West Blank

Ann and David Moffat

Anne and Bill Conzemius

Anne Iwata

Anne Perrote

Anne Traynor

Arleen Wolek and Chuck Vetzner

Barbara and Robert Walker

Barbara and Ronald Hennings

Barbara Sanford

Ben Yahr

Beth and Ken LePine

Bill and Gina Eggert

Bill and Mercy Ranum

Bob and Lisa Sorge

Brad and Kelly MullinsB

renna and Jeremiah Marsicek

Brian Durtschi

Bruce and Nancy Braun

Cal and Ruth Dewitt

Cathy and Finn Hubbard

Cathy and Ron Rotter

Chester and Laura Isaacson

Christopher Dolan

Colleen and Pete Chase

Colleen Clark Bernhardt

Daniel and Linda Kerkman

Dave Cieslewicz

Dave Ripp

Dave Zweifel

David and Cheryl Lemke

David and Marcie Stark

David Lonsdorf and Marilyn Chaney

David Lucey

David Wood

Dean Grosskopf

Deborah Cardinal

Debra Holm

Denise Sullivan and Bernie Schmelzer

Diane and Tim Hanson

Diane Everson

Dorla Mayer

Doug and Joan Kozel

Doug Booher and Michelle Somes-Booher

Elizabeth and Ward Tucker

Ellen Fisher and Doug Yanggen

Esther and Jim Huntoon

Frances Degraff

Gary Goyke

Gary Wischer

Greg and Jane Hyer

Heidi Habeger and Caleb Pourchot

Holly Wilson and Sam Seering

Hyuk YuJack and Marian Bolz

Jack Lawton and Bonnie McMullin-Lawton

Jan Zimmerman

Janet and Michael Kane

Janet Axelson

Janet Battista

Janet Gilmore

Janice and Fred Redford

Janice Kellogg

Jean and Jerry Sieling

Jessica and John Klabough

Jim and Deb Schumaker

Jim and Jean Elvekrog

Jim and Sharel Hubing

Jim Welsh

Jim Young

Joan and Steven Ziegler

Joe Balles

Joe Sensenbrenner

John Franz

Joleen and Everette Stinson

Judith Temby

Judy Houck and Lisa Saywell

Julia Bolz

Karen Oberhauser

Katherine England

Kathleen Fullin

Kathleen Hornemann

Kathryn Shug

Kathy Kuntz and Henry Huemmer

Ken and Jennifer Hansen

Kevin and Anita Connors

Kirsten Almo and Lawrence Beck

Kris Hebel

Kristine Euclide and Douglas Steege

Kurt and Ann Krumholz

Lance Lattimer

Larry and Kathy Dickerson

Larry Kruckman and Carolyn White

Laura and Chuck Hicklin

Laura Lindsay

Linda Bochert and David Hanson

Lloyd and Pat Eagan

Lorette Wambach

Lyle Updike

Lyman and Lynn Wible

Lynne and Scott Faulkner

Marian Timmerman

Marilyn Meade and Barbara Whitney

Marjorie and Douglas King

Marty and Terry Evanson

Mary and Richard Weeks

Mary Manering and Dennis Tande

Mary Roth

Mathew G. Marty and Katherine L. Wiggins

Matt and Clare Carlson

Matt and Kay Frank

Matt Reetz

Matthew Heckmann

Melanie and Michael Bender

Merl Banks

Michael and Melanie Bender

Michael and Sheryl Theo

Michael Lutz

Mike and Jill Weber

Mike and Rita Smith

Mike Gerner

Nan Bogue and Derek Brigham

Nancy Allen

Nancy Christy and Neil Heinen

Nancy Heiden

Nancy McCartan

Nicholas and Susan Weber

Patricia Hung

Patricia Tuckwell and Bill Muehl

Patty Loew

Paul Grossberg and Dean Ziemke

Paul Thoresen and Janice Singles

Pete and Jill Lundberg

Peter and Ellen Lesar

Randall Grobe and Pam Murphy

Randy and Kim Hackbarth

Rebecca Ressl

Richard and Laurel Steffes

Rick Eilertson

Ron and Ann Semmann

Ronald French

Ruth M. Saecker

Sam Kaufmann

Sara Ifert

Sarah Dunning and David Siebert

Sheryl Dwinell and Thane Hafterson

Stan Temple

Summit Credit Union

Susan and John Flickinger

Susan Gruber

Susan Troller Cosgrove and Howard Cosgrove

Thomas and Margie Krauskopf

Thomas Wilson

Timothy and Patricia Henneman

Todd Micholic

Tom and Lynn Parker

Topf Wells and Sally Probasco

Vance and Betty Kepley

Vernon and Sylvia Lowell

Vic and Sue Levy

W Michael Lunney

Waltraud Brinkmann

Wayne and Janet Hanson

William and Vicki Kalscheur

William Foss

William White

William Williams and Jean Marie Wiencek

Zen Ed LLC

In Honor Of

Bill Lunney and Judie Pfeifer

Darren and Dawn Marsh

Katie Vanasse

Lon and Sue Sprecher

Michelle Wood

Paul Thoresen and Janice Singles

Tom and Kim Thoresen

In Memory Of

Daniel Wisniewski

Donna Hilgendorf

Ed Jepsen

Gary Clark

Jeff Ballweg

Jonna Rusk

Kathryn A. Trudell

Richard Mortensen

Thomas & Karen Ragatz

William Peter McCarthy

In-kind Gifts and Services

Carlson Black O'Callaghan & Battenberg LLP

Dane County Parks

Mad City Dream Homes

SSM Health / Dean Health Plan

Support Volunteer Organizations

Donate to help support Friends and other volunteer groups leading Park initiatives in education, interpretation, accessibility, and more.