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Protect natural resources and support the Parks for generations to come through a planned gift. If you have already made a gift to the Foundation in your will or trust, you can inform the Foundation by filling out the Planned Giving Intention form below or print a copy to fill out and send to us.

I/We have made a provision in my/our estate plans for a deferred gift in support of the programs of the Foundation for Dane County Parks (FDCP) and am/are pleased to share the details of the gift below. I/we understand that this future commitment can be revoked or modified by me/us at any time.

I/we wish to inform FDCP, for long-term planning purposes only, that the current value of my/our future gift is

(This amount is kept confidential; if your gift is a percentage of your estate, please indicate the approximate value.)

I/we understand that by stating an amount my/our estate is not legally bound by this statement and that I/we may choose to add, subtract or revoke this bequest at any time, at my/our sole discretion.

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