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The Dane County park system offers over 18,000 acres that connect people to the land, water and cultural resources of Dane County and consists of 26 Recreation Parks, 16 Wildlife Areas, 14 Natural Resource Areas, 6 Historical/Cultural Sites, 2 Forests, and portions of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail corridor.

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Endless Possibilities

The many benefits of our local parks


Build community

Parks are vibrant parts of a community, a source of community pride and a place for people to enjoy and reconnect with the natural world around them.


Promote health

Parks and trails promote good physical and mental health by offering lovely and readily available venues for people to use.


Support biodiversity

Parks are havens for wildlife and promote and help maintain ecosystem diversity.


Provide access

Parks provide inclusive access to diverse populations in our community, including people with physical and intellectual challenges.


Increase tourism

Parks and trails boost state and local economies by drawing visitors, tourists, and consumers. Dane County Parks host over four million visitors per year.


Boost quality of life

Parks, trails and green spaces attract businesses and residents to an area and contribute to the quality of life.


Prevent flooding

Parks and resource areas help to prevent property loss from natural disasters, particularly flooding, as many parks provide buffer areas retarding urban/suburban water runoff.


Enhance recreation

Many bicycle and hiking trails have emerged as commuter assets as well as a recreation venue. In Dane County, the Capital City State Trail is a major commuter avenue.


Encourage education

Programming in parks can enhance the community and provide environmental education to children and families.


Inspire volunteerism

Dane County Parks and trails have great community support through 19 Friends Groups and over 4,000 volunteers.

A vibrant park system needs support from people like you.

Parks are a long-term investment in our quality of life benefiting our generation and many generations in the future. Your donations of time, money, and resources help us keep our parks beautiful and welcoming for generations to come.

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There are many ways to support the work of the Foundation and help improve the appeal and value of Dane County's park system.