Community reaps the benefits of our parks

August 21, 2020

Now more than ever, our community is reaping the benefits of years of public and private support of our county and local park systems -- with over 15,000 acres of land and over 100 miles of trails. Dane County Parks have become even more essential than ever and access to our parks is free. The number of visitors in our county parks has increased by an estimated 40%, providing immeasurable benefits to the individuals, families, and the community. Good health and access to nature and the outdoors is always manifest, but in these challenging times it is critical for mental and physical health.

What do parks mean to you? 

We are collecting photos and stories about how Dane County Parks play a role in community member well-being. These stories will help support and protect the parks for years to come!

Thank you, Jody Weyers, for sharing this story with us:

"Nature has been my salvation for my body, mind, and soul. I have discovered incredible parks, hiking trails, lakes, and wildlife all within 30 minutes of my home. Most weekends, I would Google 'Dane County Parks' and then randomly pick a new place to explore. Being in the parks also gives me a sense of closeness to our participants at Operation Fresh Start. To know the trail I am on, the boardwalk I am walking over, the beautiful flowers in bloom were created by the hands of our young people. I have a new appreciation of our parks and all the staff, volunteers and our crews, who keep them looking beautiful for the public to enjoy! Being in nature has helped me appreciate this slower pace we are in. Since my social butterfly wings have been clipped, I am finding comfort in the quiet.”

To share your photos and stories, please send them to: By submitting the photo(s) and story, you give the Foundation for Dane County Parks permission to use them for their communications efforts. Please include the park location and your name (requests for anonymity must be clearly stated).

We appreciate your support 

We are grateful for your support to the Foundation, especially because we have never had a time when parks are more important to the community. Unfortunately, it is also occurring at a time when many are feeling financial pain and economic insecurity. Please continue to enjoy the parks and their health benefits, but we just want you to know that every gift to our Foundation will support the parks now and in the future. Any gift is appreciated. 

Thank you, 

The Foundation for Dane County Parks Board

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August 21, 2020
Health and Wellness

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